Sunday, August 31, 2008


The other day we had the ferrets on the couch with us and found out that they have a real awesome talent. They are great at sudoku. They were able to help Alisha through some of the very hard parts. Alisha attempted to finish it on her own but Bubba would have none of that and came back to help some more.
After seeing that our ferrets have great talents we are excited to see what they can do next. We are thinking of taking them to Vegas next time we go to see how good they are at counting cards then maybe we can hire them out to companies to help them streamline there business.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Joys of Living on Cicero St

So last night around 5pm Alisha and I were sitting in the apartment watching TV when we started noticing that the A/C wasn't blowing cold any more. I checked out the fuse and the filter and everything looked fine so I figured that i would go outside and see if anything looked funny out there. That is when i came upon this sight.

I have seen things get stolen before but never an A/C unit. I couldn't believe that someone actually stole our A/C. Well if anyone finds an A/C unit on craigslist let me know so i can go punch them in the face for taking our wonderful A/C unit. At least our landlord was good enough to get us a new one the next morning so we are now enjoying the wonderful convenience that is known as air conditioning.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Campin' with the Hamblins

This past weekend Daniel and I took off work on Friday and went a camping with my parents. We ended up meeting them at Mormon Lake near Flagstaff Arizona.

We didn't get there until about 9:00 P.M. so we had fun trying to put up the tent in the dark. It was nice to finally get away from work and get reacquainted with nature.

On Friday we visited Jerome, a mining town taken over by Hippies. We checked out the shops and then the local ghost town. They had a few old original buildings like a dentist, shoe repair shop, and even an old sawmill that still works.

Pretty much the place was an old dump. It was a place that the locals would dump their old rusty vehicles. We saw an old police car, a delivery truck, fire engine, etc. I wouldn't suggest paying the $5.00 per person to get in but we made the most of it!

The best part of Jerome was the FUDGE! They had a little store that had homemade fudge. It was yummy. I even converted Daniel into liking the plain vanilla fudge that has been my life long favorite flavor.

Later that day we visited Montezuma's Castle and the Tuzigoot ruins. We were able to climb up to the very top and look over the valley. There was no question of why the natives chose here to populate. There was a beautiful river running by and a spacious valley for their gardens.

On Saturday we visited the Sedona area. We went on a hike in the cottonwood canyon. I it was a nice easy hike but the sensory was great!

As we were driving down past slide rock on our way out of the canyon we hit a little traffic. We saw that a dog was running back in forth stopping the cars. The poor thing looked so scared. People were trying to catch the dog but that just scared him more. He ended up jumping over the medium. To our horror we realized we were on a bridge and the dog just jumped over the edge. =( Poor thing!

We then visited Cathedral Rock and Sunset Crater. We got the opportunity to walk on the lava flow which was really cool.

In the evenings we played cards and roasted marsh mellows. On Saturday night we were sitting around the campfire talking when all of a sudden a skunk found it's way into our camp. My Dad jump up and startled the skunk who turned around and lifted his tale and............... ran away. We were so lucky he didn't spray.
We had a blast!