Saturday, September 5, 2009

March 24th = Baby Strong

We are proud to announce that we are expecting our first baby. My mom was able to fly down to go to my first doctors appointment. Poor Daniel had to work. They first kept us waiting in the waiting room for over an hour while other patients who had gotten their after us were taken in. I was not happy about this. When they finally took us back, they checked to see if they could find a heart beat. They couldn't find one so the doctor was nice enough to order us an ultrasound right then. Daniel was able to make it just in time to see the ultrasound. And boy was Baby Strong dancing, kicking, punching and we even got to see him/her roll over. The baby was so active that the technician decided to record the ultrasound and give us a disk! It was defiantly worth the wait.

On other news, it has been a crazy week. Monday, on my way to work, I was rear-ended on the freeway in rush hour traffic. There was not to much damage and everyone was okay, but we still have the joy of dealing with insurance and getting it fixed. We just LOVED (sarcasm) how our insurance handled it that we decided that once we are done with getting the car fixed, that we would be looking into a new car insurance company. Any suggestions?

Well tonight, after Daniel left the the ASU football game we had a little visitor. Well, maybe not so little. I heard a huge bang outside. It sounded like someone drove through our garage. I run out and found that a motorcycle hit the side of our house. It turns out the guy was going at least 80 on an uninsured and non plated bike. The kid broke his collar bone and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. We don't have any holes in the house but there is a good chuck out of the siding of the house. We ended up having an ambulance, firetruck, 6 cop cars and a crime scene bus show up. All I have to say, is that we are majorly blessed that it wasn't any worse. =)