Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I think one of the main reasons I haven't blogged in a long time is because I don't really like to complain.  This has been a rough pregnancy and has effected so much of my life lately.  I really fee like I need to write this all down so I remember everything I had to go through to get this little girl here.  Don't get me wrong... I haven't been on my death bed but it has been hard enough that it has us pondering the prospect of future children.

The pregnancy started out pretty normal and non exciting.  I was pretty sick in the beginning and we figure out that I was lactose intolerant.  I had to cut out anything that had any milk ingredient.  This was hard but we got through it.  I did end up loosing 15 lbs the first trimester and lived mostly on.... um.... I can't even remember what I ate.  I do remember only able to eat turkey, sweet potatoes, and apple pie for Thanksgiving. 

I was happy to find that my lactose intolerance ended before Christmas and was able to eat whatever I wanted.  I had a couple blissful months until about February.  Now is only April, but February seems so long ago.  A lot has happened since then.

It all started with some back pain.  On a Saturday night my back had started hurting and it just got worse and worse.  I was unable to get comfortable and nothing relieved the pain.  It lasted for 4 hours and then just disappeared.  I had about a 4 hour break where I was able to get some sleep, but then woke up to it again.  It lasted another 4 hours.  It was then Sunday and I stayed home from church and tried to relax and get some sleep.  I had a doctors appointment that friday, so I just waiting to ask the doctor then. 

The appointment happened to be the lovely glucose test.  I started to feel the back pain on the way to the appointment and also started to feel pressure in my chest.  I was getting really uncomfortable during the appointment but the doctor just said it was normal pain for pregnancy and that if it got "bad" that I should go to a chiropractor, get a massage, or do physical therapy.  He didn't even give me a referral and just chalked it up to being "normal".  I have never really appreciated this office.  There are 5 doctors and I hadn't see one more than once.  They didn't know me or act like they wanted to know me. 

I had a couple more "episodes" each time getting worse and would happen every other day.  It now started as pain in my chest and radiated to the back.  I went into our family doctor that next week and he suggested a new obgyn who worked in his office.  I scheduled a physical therapy appointment as well as an appointment with the new obgyn for the next Tuesday. 

That Saturday the pain got so bad we ended up at instacare.  This doctor was able to determine that it wasn't muscular and wasn't anything life threatening but gave me lortab to help with the pain. 

I was had the pain again on Monday, and had taken half a lortab with no effect.  I put a call into my new obgyn and prepared to go into labor and delivery.  The actual doctor called me back and told me to take the other half of the lortab.  He didn't have appointments that day and just happened to be in the office to sign some paperwork and took the time out to call me himself.  I took the other half pill and it took just enough of the edge off so I wasn't crying in pain, but still not enough to be functional.

I went in the next day and fell in love with my doctor.  He walked right in and said, " I talked with you yesterday".  He knew me before he even met me.  He knew right off the bat what the problem was.  I was blessed to happen upon a doctor who also studied orthopedics.

The condition I have is called Costochodritis. To put it in lame man's terms, my ribs come out of joint and because of the inflammation around them, they are not able to slip back into joint.  The only thing usually prescribed for this is an anti-inflammatory, which I cannot take while pregnant.

This is not uncommon in pregnancy because of the hormone our body produces in pregnancy called relaxin.  It makes our joints all loose so we can carry and deliver babies.

Because of this and my history of having surgery on my ribs and sternum back when I was 12/13 it is extremely painful.  He said that many people with the condition believe they are having a heart attack. 

The hardest part was hearing that there was nothing he can really do to help and that it will get worse as pregnancy goes on.  It will also begin earlier and be worse with each pregnancy.  We were very blessed that I did not experience this while pregnant with Rusty. 

The doc put me on "restricted movement" and gave me "joint juice".  These have really helped me heal over the past month and if I strictly follow the "restricted movement" then I should be okay.  The doctor did say that it will most likely get worse closer to delivery because our body dumps relaxin the month before we deliver.

So what does "restricted movement" mean?  I am pretty much not able to do anything at this point.  Daniel has taken on 100% of the house hold duties.  Things I am unable to do: lift Rusty, cook, clean, vacuum, laundry, play with the dog, dishes, etc.  Pretty much anything where I lift over 5 lbs, bend over, or stand for more than 5 min. Doc said that even a sneeze or rolling over in bed can trigger the pain. 

This has been hard on all of us.  Daniel has everything put on him and doesn't get much of a break. I have to sit there and do nothing as my house gets messy and Rusty gets into trouble.  While Rusty goes stir crazy stuck in the house.  I am unable to go out of the house unless someone is there to lift Rusty into the shopping cart, car seat, or stroller. 

The hardest part is feeling like I can't be a Mom to Rusty.  I am unable to pick him up to comfort him when he is hurt, physically put him into time out when he has done something wrong, take him out to the park, etc. 

We are more than ready to have this little girl join our family in around 6 weeks.  Hopefully we can get there without any more "episodes".

The Big 2!

Rusty turned 2 last month!

I can't believe it.  He has just gotten so big.  We took him to his doctor's appointment and they used the big kid scale and had to stand to get measured!  I guess he isn't a baby anymore. He is now wearing mostly 3T clothes and some 4T as well as size 8 shoes.

Rusty has finally started to talk more.  He has his own little language and will just jabber away, but he has also been repeating what we say a lot more as well.  We found that it helps to have him repeat to us why he is in time out.  EX:  I...Will...Not...Hit...

Here are a few of his favorite things:

Letters:  He LOVES letters.  He can recognize and say each letter.  He has also started associating them with words. EX:  M is for Mom, D is for Dad.

Numbers: Rusty can recognize most of his numbers 1-10 and had been counting our stairs as we go up and down.  He will also count to with us as we warn him a time out is coming.  =)

Animals:  Rusty loves his pets.  He constant following the dog around.  Zoey know how to keep her distance but Rusty has figures out if he carries food around the dog will follow him.  He also love to cuddle his kitty.

Music:  Rusty has started to sing with us at bedtime as well as at church.  Sometimes we will be driving and we will hear him start one of his primary songs, or he will sing and dance to the music on the radio.  He is really good about hitting the pitch of the song.  Daniel has gotten Rusty to head bang and "raise the roof" to some of his music.

Outside:  Rusty loves to be outside.  It is really hard keeping this kid cooped up in the house all winter.  We are ready to summer and this baby to get here so we can go play.

Food:  He still loves his fresh fruit and veggies.  I love that we can pull out a bag of carrots and eat them as a snack.  He is constantly in our pantry bringing me stuff he wants to try.  Most of it is just random stuff like canned pumpkin or the veggie oil. 

Puzzles:  We got a kindle fire for Christmas and Rusty loves to play his puzzles on it.  He has gotten so good at them he gets boarded with faster and we have to find harder ones for him.  One of the ones he enjoys is tracing his letters with his figure.  I love that he loves to learn.

We love our special little guy.  He has been such a blessing in our lives and is constantly making us smile and bringing us joy.

5 Months Worth of Updates

Warning.... this will be a LONG post.  My last post was announcing my pregnancy and now here I am, 33 1/2 weeks pregnant.  A lot has happened the past little while.


Daniel and I were able to take a much needed trip to Park City.  We left Rusty for a couple of days with my parents and we enjoyed uninterrupted couple time.  It was great getting away for a bit.

Rusty and I went to the Dinasaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  They had a deal where you can get in for just $2 each Tuesday in August.  We met some friends there and had a blast. 

Rusty also had his first ice cream cone all to himself!  We had to fight him to even try it at first but once he got a taste, he wouldn't put it down.


September means football!  Rusty loved to watch football with his Daddy and got good at celebrating the touchdowns.


We found a fun new toy for Rusty.  He had been having trouble coloring and just wanting to eat the crayons so we decided to try something new.  Window Crayons!!!  He loved it and is doing a lot better coloring in general.

We went to a local farm that had a bunch of fall/Halloween activities.  They had a petting zoo, corn maze, pony rides, along with so much more.  Rusty loved playing in their corn pit.


We drove down to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year.  It was great being able to see all of Daniel's family.  Rusty loved playing with his cousins.  He was a busy busy boy and we had to have one eye on him at all times because he had just learned to open door knobs and could open any door in the house.  Daniel turned 29 and we had a great time at the Montague's for his birthday BBQ.  Thanks everyone!


My sister, Rachel, had gotten home from her mission this past summer.  She started dating a great guy named Ian over Halloween.  They seemed to really hit it off and fast.  As Christmas was getting nearer they started talking about getting married so we started to ring shop.

Ian proposed to Rachel on Christmas Eve!  He had a family Christmas party where Santa came to give out gifts to the family.  Our family was invited so we got to share in the special moment. Santa gave Rachel a piece of coal in a bag along with a diamond. 


We had a fun Christmas this year with my family.  We were able to spend our first Christmas in our home and really enjoyed it.  Rusty came down the stairs Christmas morning, and didn't want anything to do with his presents.  I think it was because we didn't follow his normal morning routine so he was thrown off.  After every present was opened he wouldn't forget the other gifts and want to just play with the one he just opened.  His favorite present was his own special water bottle.  I try to always have water on hand and he loves to swipe my water bottle.  I kept having to replace mine so my Mom got him his very own water bottle.  He would not put it down. 

We also had a great time just spending time with family.  My brother, Marcus, came home from Boston.  We played alot of games on the Wii as a family.


We celebrated my Birthday on the 4th as well as my Mom's on the 7th.  I find that birthdays just get less exciting the older you get.  So no pictures from my birthday except for Rachel and Ian and their icing teeth.  We did end up going bowling with the family.  Rusty got to play my second ball each turn.  He actually helped my score quite a bit.  

We finally got enough snow to pull out the heavy coat, snow pants and boots.  Rusty loved the snow and we would just walk up and down the street crunching the snow as we walked. 


In February we were able to watch Tim and Melinda's kids for a week while they enjoyed their "business" trip to Hawaii.  Rusty loved spending so much time with his cousins.  It was a hard transition going from 1 kid to 4.  They are great kids, but we had a lot going against us.  We had 2 kids with fevers, 1 ear infection, 1 little boy who would not sleep, and the start of some pregnancy complications for me.  We got through and had some fun as well.  We couldn't have asked for more well behaved kids they always followed instructions and rarely fought!