Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sit Ups

Our STRONG little boy training for his first Iron Man


Rusty doing a dance.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our little Tigger!
The paint lasted a total of 5 min.  Didn't even make it to the trunk-or-treat.
Rusty and Daddy
 Rusty and Mommy

 Daniel's pumpkin side 1
 Daniel's pumpkin side 2
Alisha's pumpkin

We celebrated our Halloween a little early.  Our ward was did our trunk-or-treat this past Saturday and we decided to go.  We had to have some reason to dress Rusty in his costume since we bought it.  Poor Rusty didn't get any candy.  Mommy didn't want it in the house and he couldn't eat it so... to bad. 
At the party, a couple had dressed up as Mario and Luigi. We had one of their daughters in our primary so she came over to talk to us.  Rusty took one look at her and burst into tears.  He thought the boy in our class who was dressed up with a scary mask was funny.  Silly boy.

That night we did our traditional pumpkin carvings.  Rusty didn't know what to think of all the goop.  
Over all it was a good night. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Months! (Two weeks late)

 Our sill boy!  Well this is two weeks late, but at his 6 month appointment he was:
Weight:  20.5 lbs - 92%
Height: 27.5 in - 86%
Head Circumference: 17 in - 35%
We have a solid boy on our hands.  The makings of a good football player ;)
 Go BYU!

  Yummy Ice cream!

He loves his walker

 Drinking his water all by himself

Happy boy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

On Labor Day we decided to head to the Uinta Mtns. for a hike.  It was only 3 miles both ways but we passed 3 lakes. 
Rusty had a blast.  He just loved looking at all the outdoors.  He only got fussy when we stopped for breaks.
Here he is with Grandpa Hamblin!  
He looks like a grandpa himself with his pants up to his arm pits and unbuttoned.  
Silly Boy!
Hm... whats next to his mouth?

Here are some pretty pictures Daniel took.
Zoey decided she wanted to be a water dog.  On one of our breaks we stopped by a little marshy area and decided to throw the ball for the dogs.  Zoey miss judged the distance and fell head or heels into the water.  Afterwords we couldn't keep her out of the water. 

Rusty has been practicing sitting up and decided he wanted to give Zoey a belly rub.  He just throws himself forward when he sees something he wants. 
Don't you like his hat?  
Rusty has some dry skin on his head that only bugs him when he is tired.  He scratches his head while he is asleep so this was my solution. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


First visit with Uncle Marcus 
(3 months)

First time feeling grass
First time at Lagoon
(3 1/2 months)

First time eating solids
(3 1/2 months)

First Fourth of July
(3 3/4 months)

First visit with Great Uncle Bill
(4 months)

First video on Daddy's phone
(4 months)

First airplane ride
(4 1/2 months)

First time at the airport

First time in a high chair

First time on a swing

First time at Moe's

First time at the beach

First time Great Grandma Taylor gets to feed Rusty

First time meeting my cousin Erin, her little girl Ayvri, and family

First time splitting his pants.... what a chunk

First time having Great Grandpa Hamblin hold him

First time sleeping in a shopping cart

First hair cut
(5 months)

First picnic up the mountain

First time swinging up side down

First time listening to his favorite song (daft punk) on the headphones