Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been making homemade bread for a few weeks and find I am not just enjoying the eating of the bread, but also the making of it.
Daniel asked me to make some a while back and now we have to keep it on hand.
I have always been hesitant to try to use yeast because my mom never had luck with it.  She could never get the bread to rise like it should.
The last time I made yeast bread was in high school and I put in way to much flour. 
Lets just say that it didn't taste so good.

I have used Momma Strong's white bread recipe and I think I have it down.  
Anyone else have some new yummy bread recipes?  I would love to give them a shot.

Now where do I get wheat flour without having to grind it myself?

Friday, February 18, 2011


I am really starting to hate you.  I am beginning to wonder what the point is.  Why do i try to watch what I eat and exercise 4-5 times a week, if all it is going to do for me is make me gain weight.  I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas eating whatever I wanted and not exercising at all and I LOST weight.

I am going to be brutally honest.

-After baby I was 165/ pant size 13
-3 months after baby I was 160/ pant size 13
-The beginning of November I was at 150/ pant size 11-13 after working out twice a day, 5-6 days a week and not eating sugar but once a week.
-As soon as I stop exercising I am at 144 and size 11 while eating anything and everything I want.
-January as soon as I start exercising I am back at 150.
-Today, February 18, I am still at 150, pant size 13 are actually tight to put on, and I exercise 4-5 days a week and have some sweets once in a while.  

Do I really have to go back to those weeks of no sugar and exercising twice a day?  Really?  All I want is to be healthy and look nice.  I have accepted I am not getting back to the size 9, 135 girl I was before Rusty.  But I do want to see some kind of progress, maybe feel my jeans loosen a bit, when I put forth the effort.

Sorry for the rant.  I just really started this year with a good attitude and was having fun exercising.  I am starting to not have fun and getting frustrated with not seeing progress.  I really want to become a person who enjoys exercising. 

Any advice or words of encouragement?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Silly Boy

 Um... See that toilet paper on his chin... Um.. Yeah... he was eating it.

Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?
Caught him red handed eating Daddy's cookies

Rusty LOVES the camera. He smiles every time I pull the camera out and point it at him.  
Maybe I take to many pictures....
It made it difficult trying to get his "No More" face. 
(Shown above (the one in the shopping cart))


Daniel's work gave us Jazz vs Suns tickets for lat Friday. 
We celebrated the day by putting Rusty in his Sun's jersey for his play date with Grandma Hamblin.  
Grandma was not enthused.  Looks like Rusty will be getting a Jazz outfit for his birthday.

Daniel and I had a blast watching the Suns come back to win after being behind for the first 3 quarters. 


We had Daniel's brother, Justin, and family here for almost a week.  It was a blast having them.  
Rusty and Trent played great together.  
Here is Trenton pushing Rusty on his car.
 Chillin' with Daddy and Trenton
 Story time!
 Chillin' with Uncle Justin and Trenton at Great Grandma Strong and Aunt Natalie's house
 Getting into trouble together
 Splish Splash we're taking a bath!
We didn't do a whole ton or go many places but we sure had fun having them here.  
Daniel and Justin had a blast playing their game while Tanya and I played two person Canasta. 

I had a old high school friend come over and teach Tanya and I how to decorate cakes.  
Here are our masterpieces.