Thursday, August 26, 2010


First visit with Uncle Marcus 
(3 months)

First time feeling grass
First time at Lagoon
(3 1/2 months)

First time eating solids
(3 1/2 months)

First Fourth of July
(3 3/4 months)

First visit with Great Uncle Bill
(4 months)

First video on Daddy's phone
(4 months)

First airplane ride
(4 1/2 months)

First time at the airport

First time in a high chair

First time on a swing

First time at Moe's

First time at the beach

First time Great Grandma Taylor gets to feed Rusty

First time meeting my cousin Erin, her little girl Ayvri, and family

First time splitting his pants.... what a chunk

First time having Great Grandpa Hamblin hold him

First time sleeping in a shopping cart

First hair cut
(5 months)

First picnic up the mountain

First time swinging up side down

First time listening to his favorite song (daft punk) on the headphones