Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 Months Old

I can't believe my sweet boy is two months old!  He is getting so big.  He is just a chill boy who only really cries when he is hungry... which happens to be every two hours.  No wonder he is so big!

We went to the doctor yesterday for his two month check up.  It was fun to see the difference from his last check up.  

At one month he was:
Weight     7.83 lbs     11%
Length      20.08 in    14%
Head Cir  13.80 in      8%

We were worried about his weight gain and such because he wasn't getting enough milk from Momma.  That wasn't even his lowest weight!  Scary!

But at two months he is:
Weight     13.01 lbs    80%
Length     22.99 in      54%
Head Cir 15.30 in      24%

He is a happy healthy boy!

These pictures of him are taken right before bed time.  He has such tired eyes.  Rusty loves his Grandpa Hamblin time!  Grandpa is so great about taking Rusty while Mom gets everything ready for bed time.  He loves to rock on Grandpa's knee and even pushes his legs straight at the right time so he pushes out even further.  
We decided to pull out his rocking horse to give it a try. He is still a little too small, but loves to rock!

These pictures where taken when Daddy was home.  He loves to just stare at things, especially our faces when he hold him.  Rusty does NOT like when Daddy has whiskers and gives him kisses.  He gets the biggest frown on his face.  Too cute!

We love having our little boy!