Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Emma

 39 weeks pregnant - 3 days before Emma made her appearance.

Birth Story:

Well I didn't get to have much of a birth story this time.  Tuesday, the day before my scheduled induction, I was having some vision issues so we went in to get checked to make sure it wasn't pre-eclampsia.  Everything looked okay but the doctor decided to check the baby's position by ultrasound.  Low and behold he had decided to flip breech and had one leg down and one leg up by her head in my ribs.  So my scheduled induction turned into a scheduled c-section.  I was a little bummed, but not too scared since I have gone through major surgery as a teenager.  

We had to be at the hospital at 6 am to do paperwork and get ready for the surgery.  They made the first incision at 8 and she was here at 8:11.  She weight 7 lbs 8 oz. and was 19 1/2 in long. 
 I was nervous about how Daniel would do since he gets a little woozey and uncomfortable in hospitals.  He did great and mentioned that a c-section was so much easier than going through labor.  (haha.... sure it was)  The doctors were great about just chatting it up and even had their ipod playing music.  I remember hearing Jonny Cash singing during surgery.  Once Emma was here and cleaned up, Daniel was able to hold her and I was able to touch her face as they were fixing me up. 
 We were in the recovery room  by 8:45 and I was able to hold Emma.  Funny thing: before surgery, they had me put on my gown but told me I could keep my shirt.  So I was able to wear my normal shirt all through surgery and recovery.  It was so nice feeling a little bit normal in a normal shirt instead of the yucky hospital gowns. 
 First family of 4 photo!  Rusty came that afternoon to visit.  The first thing he saw was a balloon that my sister, Rachel, brought me.  It took him a couple of minutes to realize his baby sister was finally here.  We have been talking about "Baby Emma" coming for a few months and he was excited to meet her and wanted to hold her right away.  Rusty actually picked Emma's name.  We were in between two names and when we had him say Emma, he started to chant "Emma, Emma, Emma".  She has been "Baby Emma" ever since. 
 Grandma Strong was able to come out the day before to stay with us as I was in the hospital and recovering.  Grandpa Strong came up a little later and was great at keeping Rusty busy.  It was so nice not having to worry about anything and have one-on-one time with Emma.  Thanks for all your help!  We love you!
 Rusty absolutely loves his little sister.  He always asks to hold her and worries when she cries.  He has been a great help with getting diapers, wipes, and burp clothes.  We only have to worry about he being a little too "loving".

 Coming home outfit
First day at church! 11 days old.
 11 days post pardon.  I was pretty exciting how fast my tummy flattened.  I was feeling almost back to normal at the point.
 Rusty loving his "Baby Emma"
 Emma has been a wonderful baby so far!  She has been sleeping great and has been a great addition to the family.  She brings such a sweet spirit into our home.  We love our little girl.