Thursday, March 24, 2011

BYU Thursday's Hero

BYU has a program called Thursday's Hero where they honor individuals.  This week they chose my Grandpa, Robert Hamblin.  Grandpa was a football player for BYU back around 1950.  He has been a huge fan ever since.  I wouldn't be surprised if he owned about every BYU hat or t-shirt since he played. 
We started out in the Student Athletic Building.  They have lots of Hall of Fame items we were able to look through.  Next we went to upstairs to the coaches' offices and were able to see all the rooms they plan the plays and such.  We also got to walk through the locker room. 
 This is a picture of the family that was able to come. It was a pretty big group.  We missed having the Estes family here.
 We were able to watch some highlight videos in a screening room where the teams meet.  It was funny because the first 3 or 4 rows had extra room between the seats to allow for the big linebackers to have more room.  =)
 Next, we got to visit the BYU indoor practice arena.  We were able to watch the team practice.  
 The fake grass was pretty cool.  I was "smart" enough to wear heels and my shoes kept sinking into the AstroTurf.  It had a lot of give, which I am sure is great for practicing indoors.
 Here is Grandpa being interviewed.  I guess it will be on KBYU at some point.  They drove Grandpa around the field in a golf cart. 
 After the practice the whole team came up to meet Grandpa.  They thanked him for being such a great fan.  They gave him a lot of BYU garb and then lead the team in a cheer.   I would have to say that this was a highlight of Grandpa's life.
 My two cute boys!
After the players cleared out, Rusty decided to have himself a "run".  He crawled about 40 yards before we decided it was time to go.  Maybe we have a future football player in our home.  =)
 So do you see that little signature on the sleeve?
 Here's a better view.  Can you tell who's signature that is?
That's right!   We got to meet Jake Heaps!  BYU starting quarterback.  Who knows if he will become anything or if he will end up in the NFL, but it was sure fun meeting him and have a keepsake and story for Rusty.

What a fun day.  I was so glad Daniel was able to take part of the day off work and honor my Grandpa Hamblin.  He has been a great Grandpa and will always be our BYU Hero!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Party

Rusty had is birthday party a little early this year.  Grandma and Grandpa Strong were in town and Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin would be out of town on his big day.  It was nice having them all here to celebrate. 

The happy Birthday Boy!

Not liking the birthday hat.  Poor boy.

 Kinda happy again

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Rusty's Football SMASH Cake

Guest cake.  Football field.  BYU VS. ASU

 Doesn't know what to do.

 Getting the hang of it.


 Now hes got it!

What a mess!

The end result

Momma helping him open his presents.

Checking out his new book.

A Year of Pictures

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is a little late but about 2 weeks ago we woke up to some snow.  It didn't last long and was gone by the time Daniel got home from work.  
Rusty and I decided we were going to go out and have some fun.  
He had a blast crawling and rolling around in the snow.  
So fun!