Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 Month Photoshoot

We decided we needed to take some extra fun pictures to celebrate Rusty being 3 months old.  After lots of smiles, some laughs and a few tears, this is the result.
Tubbo!  We love you Rusty!

Visit from Uncle Marcus

We were so excited to have my brother Marcus come to visit all the way from Boston for the first time since Rusty came.  It was fun to have him here and play with Rusty! 
Rusty was so interested in Marcus's design book.  He loved all the colors and shapes!

He had a blast hanging out with Marcus and his friend McKay.

So Much FUN!

Great Grandma and Grandpa

Rusty's Grand Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came into town last month.  It was so fun to see them!  They only spent the night but they had a good time meeting Rusty.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birth Story

I guess I should finally put up Rusty's birth story. I always love reading everyone's story so I figured I should join in.

My water broke around 11:30 on Monday, March 15th.  It was weird cause I just woke up from a nap and had gotten out of bed and was having a conversation with mom when I noticed that my pants were soaked.  I either had peed my pants or my water had broken.

I called the doctor and they told me to make my way in.  My mom was a excited and wanted to go right with me to the hospital but I told her to go about her day... cause she was just about to leave to get groceries for grandma.  Daniel got home from work while I finished packing.  I knew that as soon as I was admitted into the hospital I wouldn't be getting any solid food so we grabbed some lunch on the way.  At this point I still hadn't started to feel contractions yet. 

We checked in about 1 and they started pitocin to get the contractions started around 2.  I got the epidural (amazing!!!) around 4 or so.  Once it started working, I was able to just sit back and relax and let my body do what it needed to do.  I like to joke that I was more comfortable then Daniel was as I had a nice comfy bed and he had to sit on one of those uncomfortable hospital chairs. 

Labor seemed to go really fast.  I ended up at 10 centimeters around 11 PM.  We kept watching the clock to see what day was going to be his birthday.  They had me do about 4 practice pushes and he had started to crown so they made me wait until the doctor could get there.  We had to wait for about a half an hour before the doctor came in and then 2 contractions later he was here!  I guess, even before he took a breath, he stuck his hand out by his head and gave my mom and the doctor a little wave.  

I couldn't be happier with my delivery.  I was happy and well rested when it came time to push so the pushes were really effective.  Mom was a little worried I would have to do her 3 hours of pushing, but I got lucky with probably only pushing through 6 contractions.  I was glad to have Daniel and my Mom in the delivery room with me.  My Dad was sitting outside the door in the hallway waiting for his namesake's first little cry.