Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why men love trucks

Have you ever wondered what it is about a truck that makes men love it? Is is the color? The tires? The lack of hair on there head?

The answer to this deep perplexing question is one that every man has to sit down and contemplate and come to an answer for him self, but there are some incites that come to mind when thinking about this very topic.

First, and the major reason for men to love a truck is: What if I need it at some point? I mean, what if I'm stuck in a parking lot and my only way out is a two foot high curb followed by 2 miles on intense off road trails followed by and person stuck in the mud needing to be pulled out? Things like that happen all the time right?

Second: You just look cooler in a truck. Think of all those guys you see riding down the road in there huge lifted truck with some 2Pac or P-Diddy blaring from there open windows. You couldn't be any cooler than that, right? I mean, who wouldn't respect and admire you as a 5ft tall balding middle aged single man if you were in a huge lifted truck cruising the mean streets of Mesa, Arizona.

Men love things that make them feel manly. Ever since the dawn of time, men wanted to feel manly. From ancient man's large club to more modern man's remote control, men have always wanted to feel in control and able to do what they want. The truck gives men the ability to go where ever and take what ever they want with them. Who knows when that situation will arise when you are stuck in a jungle with a large piece of cargo that needs to get through some really rough roads in order to save the lives of those starving kids in Ethiopia. At that point, you will be wishing you had a truck.


Strong Family - said...

Nice truck. About the only time I could afford a truck, it was time to get a minivan. Now all I have to make me feel manly is my receding hairline. Think about it--what's more manly than thinning hair? It is a sign of masculinity, wisdom and maturity, something that all men should strive for. Honestly, don't guys who still have a full head of hair seem a little feminine to you? I mean, that's how girls' hair is. REAL men have receding hairlines

Amy said...

Yes, I have heard that receding hairlines can happen as your head grows and your hair has stopped. Thank heavens for testosterone?

And I thank you for your thoughts on trucks. I now see how every REAL man should have one-"just in case". I guess being a feminine female, I never realized before. Unfortunately for Rob, we are the minivan family. Have you seen the commercial awhile back where at the gym, the announcement that a minivan has its lights on...that was us!

melly said...

I don't know what I like better, the post or the comments.

Carrie Medford said...

I'm excited to see that you guys started a blog! And, you can come up with great posts without kids! I wish we had a truck sometimes so we could haul big stuff away. They sure are useful sometimes--just not to haul kids!

Tim Strong said...

Very funny!