Friday, September 5, 2008

The Arizona Monsoon

The rain is something that you learn to appreciate when you live in a place know as The Valley of the Sun.

Every year from July to September the monsoon makes its way into this arid no-man's land to give some well deserved relief to the parched landscape. This year brought some of the best storms that I can remember. Last Thursday brought one of the most exciting of these storms. The lightning from last Thursday's storm lit up the night sky like a strobe light in some swanky, Scottsdale dance club, while the thunder rumbled like the massive jets of an airliner.

The storm also produces wind gusts reaching 100mph in some areas. The wind was so strong that is toppled trees all around and in the ASU campus. It also tore down a brand new, climate controlled practice field that ASU football used to practice out of the scorching heat. The wind also knocked a tree over onto our apartment. It did not fall very hard and it is still leaning against the side of our complex.

Here is a video of what the storm looked like that night after the wind subsided.


Carrie Medford said...

I miss those monsoons. Right now I'm just waiting for the remnants of hurricane Hanna to come show it's wrath--definitely more scary than the monsoons!

Amy E. said...

Wow, I heard it was quite a lightning storm. It might have been fun to watch!