Thursday, May 7, 2009

Green Thumb

Well we made our first attempt at gardening. Daniel is amazing and decided that he wanted to build an above ground garden box. He did it all by himself without any plans or anything!

We decided to plant strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, and corn.

We ended up putting a soaker hose under the top layer of soil.

About a month later this was our result. Once it started growing, it kept growing.....


This is about 2 weeks after the last picture.

We ended up having to put a little fence around the garden since Zoey decided she liked the taste of our strawberries.

We had come outside one day with all the strawberry blossoms missing. And over the next week we never saw another blossom. I guess Zoey would carefully bite off the blossom leaving the bush unaffected. Silly puppy. Lets just say Daniel wasn't to happy that he would have to wait a little longer for our home grown strawberries. We are excited to harvest the fruits of our labor.


kristi*jansen said...

your garden is so cute! ok alisha you & melissa are killing me with guilt! i gotta get on this green thumb train :) lol

Dale and Shanell said...

That is an awesome little garden. Looks like Daniel needs to come over and give us some advice. We've got the perfect corner...someday!

Amy E. said...

Wow, that's impressive. I never had much luck with strawberries. Birds, bugs, etc. But my friends get tons! I am having problems with tons of weeds. But I will keep trying. Way to go guys, your garden looks great!!!