Friday, January 22, 2010

January Showers

Thanks to all the rain and wind that we got last night we now have one more thing to deal with before we move. The one and only tree that we have/had in our backyard couldn't take the thought of us leaving and decided to take its own life. Luckily, in our tiny backyard, it somehow missed the two walls that it was only feet from and also miss our house by only a few feet. We are very glad that everything is okay, now we have to clean the dang thing up.

This is a pic that I was able to take of the next door neighbors wolf dog. He told us that it is 90% wolf. This dog likes to bark and jump at the wall when we are in the backyard. He is a pretty dog though.


Melinda said...

Um, scary! I guess it could've been a whole lot worse though.

Amy E. said...

Wow- you are lucky it fell where it did!

kristi*jansen said...

Ah! Killer dog! j/k Bet your glad to be away from him, though!