Sunday, February 14, 2010


We have been truly blessed over the last few months.

Daniel graduated from ASU this last December and began his job hunt. After quite a few applications and a couple job interviews we still hadn't found anything.

My only two desires, when it came to his job, was that I would be able to stay home with our baby and that Daniel would enjoy what he was doing. Our hope was that we would find something in the Phoenix area so we could stay close to family and continue to live in our home we bought just last March.

Over this past Thanksgiving, we had Daniel's sister, Amy, and her family come visit. Our brother-in-law, Rob, talked to Daniel a little bit about his work and different places Daniel could look for work, as they are in the same field. Rob mentioned a partner company he works with called Azteca. The company sounded nice, but they were based in Utah, and we were really hoping to stay in town.

Daniel decided to send his resume over to Azteca, just in case, and mentioned Rob's name in the cover letter. The next day we heard back from the president of the company. He sounded interested in meeting Daniel. They set up a time to meet while we were in Utah, visiting my family for Christmas.

Daniel had a great 2 hour interview/meet and greet with Azteca. He loved the atmosphere and work environment but was still not sold on moving to Utah. There was going to be a lot of work if we had to move. He had another interview with a company in Phoenix the week we returned home, so we wanted to see how that opportunity panned out.

Daniel went to the Phoenix interview and felt just like a number. He liked the people who interviewed him, but it was a huge company and had the corporate feel. It was nothing compared to the small business, owner run, Azteca.

Azteca just felt right. Daniel received his official offer letter on Friday, January 15th, with a start date of February 1st. THANK YOU ROB!!!! We had two weeks to move to Utah. Ahhh!

We had so much to do and so much to worry about.

First of all we needed a place to live. We were lucky that the office was located in the neighborhood I grew up in and my parents only lived about two miles away. My brother was moving to Boston to go to a design school in January, and my sister was leaving on her mission to Halifax, Canada at the beginning of January. My parents were going to be empty nesters and were more than happy to lend us their basement for a time. They are excited to have their first grandbaby so close.

I was almost 8 months pregnant and had to find a new doctor who was willing to take someone so late in pregnancy as well as figure out our change in insurance. I was lucky enough that our insurance covered my former obgyn from before I was married. They still had my records, so after a fast phone call I was all set up.

Now, with the job change, we had to worry about what we would do until our new insurance started. We were yet again blessed with the means to pay for Cobra so we were able to stay on our previous insurance until after the baby came.

We also had to worry about our house. We bought our house just last March. It was the perfect house for us. We put a lot of work into in to make it ours. We were sad to leave it. We decided to rent it out for a while and found a great company to be our property manager. Within 4 days of the house being on the market, it was rented out!

Daniel's job is perfect for him. We couldn't have asked for a better job or more kind employers and coworkers.

Everything has worked out so perfectly. We know that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing. We left Arizona, family, house, and a great ward. It was really hard to leave and we still ache to be in Arizona, but we know we are here for a purpose. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us and we would have been stupid to pass up this opportunity.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to our wonderful family for all their love and support. Thank you Mom and Wayne for being willing to drive with us on our move. Thank you to Rob, for his great relationship with his clients that gave Daniel this opportunity. Thank you to Azteca for all their kindness and generosity. Thank you to Pool Chlor for employing Daniel for the past 5 years. Thank you to the Granite Reef Ward for welcoming us with open arms and being our friends right from the start. Thank you to all our friends we are leaving behind, you will be missed. Thank you to my parents for opening their home to us. And most important, thank you Heavenly Father for all our wonderful blessings. We couldn't ask for more.


dallin said...

Good for you guys. We had a similar experience with our last job search, just before you guys got married (the reason I wasn't able to make the your sealing). But everything seems to work out. Just think in a few years you will look back on these experiences and laugh :-)

Amy E. said...

So happy for you guys! But will miss seeing you on our AZ visits!

kristi said...

i miss you!!

ps: i got your msg yesterday... thank you! we are better. just a small breakdown! lol gotta love the crazy rollercoaster of adoption! ;)

xo MUAH!

Dave and Jodi said...

I am so glad that everything has fallen into place for you guys!! We are so happy for you but you will be missed! Good luck with your baby and I hope we will get to talk soon!

Janalyn said...

I hadn't heard your house rented that quickly, I'm so glad for you guys.
And, we are indeed having baby girl #3!
Can't wait to see pictures of your little boy in a few weeks!!