Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

On Labor Day we decided to head to the Uinta Mtns. for a hike.  It was only 3 miles both ways but we passed 3 lakes. 
Rusty had a blast.  He just loved looking at all the outdoors.  He only got fussy when we stopped for breaks.
Here he is with Grandpa Hamblin!  
He looks like a grandpa himself with his pants up to his arm pits and unbuttoned.  
Silly Boy!
Hm... whats next to his mouth?

Here are some pretty pictures Daniel took.
Zoey decided she wanted to be a water dog.  On one of our breaks we stopped by a little marshy area and decided to throw the ball for the dogs.  Zoey miss judged the distance and fell head or heels into the water.  Afterwords we couldn't keep her out of the water. 

Rusty has been practicing sitting up and decided he wanted to give Zoey a belly rub.  He just throws himself forward when he sees something he wants. 
Don't you like his hat?  
Rusty has some dry skin on his head that only bugs him when he is tired.  He scratches his head while he is asleep so this was my solution. 


Ronya said...

looks like fun. love the hat!

kristi said...

That hat is ADORABLE!!!
You are too cute Alisha :)