Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our little Tigger!
The paint lasted a total of 5 min.  Didn't even make it to the trunk-or-treat.
Rusty and Daddy
 Rusty and Mommy

 Daniel's pumpkin side 1
 Daniel's pumpkin side 2
Alisha's pumpkin

We celebrated our Halloween a little early.  Our ward was did our trunk-or-treat this past Saturday and we decided to go.  We had to have some reason to dress Rusty in his costume since we bought it.  Poor Rusty didn't get any candy.  Mommy didn't want it in the house and he couldn't eat it so... to bad. 
At the party, a couple had dressed up as Mario and Luigi. We had one of their daughters in our primary so she came over to talk to us.  Rusty took one look at her and burst into tears.  He thought the boy in our class who was dressed up with a scary mask was funny.  Silly boy.

That night we did our traditional pumpkin carvings.  Rusty didn't know what to think of all the goop.  
Over all it was a good night. 

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Ronya said...

he's getting so big! so cute. Can't wait to see you guys for thanksgiving.