Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Meet Cinder... AKA Kitty!
You have to believe it to see it!  
Daniel actually let me get a cat!
Of his own free will.
 Zoey likes her.  
Cinder LOVES Zoey.... maybe a little too much.
 Rusty LOVES the Kitty.  
"KITTY" was actually his first real word.
I just realized that we have no pictures of Rusty and the Kitty.  
Whenever they are together, we are always trying to save the Kitty. 
Poor Kitty gets mauled every time she ventures near Rusty.  
You would think she would learn
Just because he is a silly boy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010


In front of the Christmas tree

Temple Square on Christmas Eve

All bundled up

 The Loot!

 Oh! I'm a crawler now!

Being a cheese ball in the shirt my Aunt Rachel sent from Canada

Just because I am cute
We love our fun little boy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eagle Mountain House

 Our new home!  
We are so excited to finally be in our new home.  Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us spend the last 10 months in your basement. 

We have moved into our home without a working fridge.  We got one as a "scratch and dent" item and it hasn't worked a day since we bought it.  It has been about a month now of trying to get it fixed.  The poor repair man and been out 4 times now.  Come Monday, we will be living out of a cooler for a week.  Not fun!

No more blue wall.  This was the only wall we painted when we moved in.  We aren't much fans of the blue so we painted it a nice boring brown.  
We love our home and are excited to start going to our new ward.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Pictures

Arizona Trip

We had a great trip to Arizona this Thanksgiving.  We had a blast visiting with family and friends

 Rusty met his cousin who is only 2 weeks younger than him for the first time. 

 Rusty had fun with his Grandpa and Ladie.  He loves to watch the dog  play fetch.

 Rusty with his favorite cousin.  He is the best babysitter and was always willing to play.

Playing with the cousins.

And again!

Strong Family picture in our Reunion shirts.

Rusty and his buddy.

 2010 cousins! 
 Driving home.

(I left out some names because I wasn't sure if family wanted them on my blog.  If you don't want pictures either, please let me know!  Thanks!)