Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Meet Cinder... AKA Kitty!
You have to believe it to see it!  
Daniel actually let me get a cat!
Of his own free will.
 Zoey likes her.  
Cinder LOVES Zoey.... maybe a little too much.
 Rusty LOVES the Kitty.  
"KITTY" was actually his first real word.
I just realized that we have no pictures of Rusty and the Kitty.  
Whenever they are together, we are always trying to save the Kitty. 
Poor Kitty gets mauled every time she ventures near Rusty.  
You would think she would learn
Just because he is a silly boy!


Ronya said...

that pic of rusty makes me laugh. I pretty much find trent in that exact same position everyday!!! those boy are so silly! I love the pic of zoey and "kitty" snuggling together. cute!

dallin said...

Wow, Daniel must really love you to let a cat into his house! :-)

Heatha said...

thank you so much for your sweet email. It is so hard but I just need to be live in the moment and realize its out of my hands. We need to all get together sometime soon. Congrats on the move.


kristi said...

I just caught up on your blog! A new pet- how exciting! Congrats on the house!!! Rusty is getting SO big! He is a cutie pie :)