Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Big 2!

Rusty turned 2 last month!

I can't believe it.  He has just gotten so big.  We took him to his doctor's appointment and they used the big kid scale and had to stand to get measured!  I guess he isn't a baby anymore. He is now wearing mostly 3T clothes and some 4T as well as size 8 shoes.

Rusty has finally started to talk more.  He has his own little language and will just jabber away, but he has also been repeating what we say a lot more as well.  We found that it helps to have him repeat to us why he is in time out.  EX:  I...Will...Not...Hit...

Here are a few of his favorite things:

Letters:  He LOVES letters.  He can recognize and say each letter.  He has also started associating them with words. EX:  M is for Mom, D is for Dad.

Numbers: Rusty can recognize most of his numbers 1-10 and had been counting our stairs as we go up and down.  He will also count to with us as we warn him a time out is coming.  =)

Animals:  Rusty loves his pets.  He constant following the dog around.  Zoey know how to keep her distance but Rusty has figures out if he carries food around the dog will follow him.  He also love to cuddle his kitty.

Music:  Rusty has started to sing with us at bedtime as well as at church.  Sometimes we will be driving and we will hear him start one of his primary songs, or he will sing and dance to the music on the radio.  He is really good about hitting the pitch of the song.  Daniel has gotten Rusty to head bang and "raise the roof" to some of his music.

Outside:  Rusty loves to be outside.  It is really hard keeping this kid cooped up in the house all winter.  We are ready to summer and this baby to get here so we can go play.

Food:  He still loves his fresh fruit and veggies.  I love that we can pull out a bag of carrots and eat them as a snack.  He is constantly in our pantry bringing me stuff he wants to try.  Most of it is just random stuff like canned pumpkin or the veggie oil. 

Puzzles:  We got a kindle fire for Christmas and Rusty loves to play his puzzles on it.  He has gotten so good at them he gets boarded with faster and we have to find harder ones for him.  One of the ones he enjoys is tracing his letters with his figure.  I love that he loves to learn.

We love our special little guy.  He has been such a blessing in our lives and is constantly making us smile and bringing us joy.

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