Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Projects

All I have to say is that my husband is AMAZING!!! While I was away at girls camp, Daniel decided to tile our ugly laundry room. He did awesome! When I got home from girls camp he had all the time cut, laid, grouted, and sealed. We just wanted the room done and I wanted to wash my smelly clothes so we painted the room that same day!

I gotta say.... I love it!

I love my handy husband!

I also have to give a huge shout out to my awesome brother, MARCUS for helping us pick out our tile and making sure we have everything we need! He is majoring in Interior Design and is Amazing! You can check out his work at Marcus Hamblin Design .

Thanks to my willing father-in-law for being willing to come and help Daniel with the tile.

Thanks to my parents f
or being willing to drive our tile down from Utah! It was great seeing you guys!

This past week Daniel has been busy again! He decided to tile our master bath and closet. He got all the floor ripped up and ready to go by Friday and then Saturday he got all the tile in. Again he did an awesome job.

*P.S. Sorry the pics are kinda blurry. Don't know how to work Daniel's Camera yet! =)

We had these crazy nobs on our master bathroom cabinets. I HATED them! So we finally replaced them tonight!

I think they look so much better. Our next big project will be to sand down our ugly cabinets and stain them a nice cherry color.

This was my big project this summer. I did rag quilt. I just love how it turned out.



Amy E. said...

Wow guys! It all looks nice. Wanna come do my kitchen cabinets??

Stephanie said...

Yes, it does look nice! Good choices on tile.

Beverly said...

Good job, Daniel! I know how hard it is to lay tile, but it is worth it. It looks great!

Celeste said...

The tile is beautiful! Im so happy for you guys :) I love your quilt, I can tell you worked hard!