Monday, February 14, 2011


We had Daniel's brother, Justin, and family here for almost a week.  It was a blast having them.  
Rusty and Trent played great together.  
Here is Trenton pushing Rusty on his car.
 Chillin' with Daddy and Trenton
 Story time!
 Chillin' with Uncle Justin and Trenton at Great Grandma Strong and Aunt Natalie's house
 Getting into trouble together
 Splish Splash we're taking a bath!
We didn't do a whole ton or go many places but we sure had fun having them here.  
Daniel and Justin had a blast playing their game while Tanya and I played two person Canasta. 

I had a old high school friend come over and teach Tanya and I how to decorate cakes.  
Here are our masterpieces. 

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Ronya said...

so fun! thanks for having us