Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been making homemade bread for a few weeks and find I am not just enjoying the eating of the bread, but also the making of it.
Daniel asked me to make some a while back and now we have to keep it on hand.
I have always been hesitant to try to use yeast because my mom never had luck with it.  She could never get the bread to rise like it should.
The last time I made yeast bread was in high school and I put in way to much flour. 
Lets just say that it didn't taste so good.

I have used Momma Strong's white bread recipe and I think I have it down.  
Anyone else have some new yummy bread recipes?  I would love to give them a shot.

Now where do I get wheat flour without having to grind it myself?


kristi said...

I wish you were still my neighbor so we could SHARE ;)
PS: Does UT have Fresh&Easy? I always buy my wheat flour there!

Stephanie said...

I want some.


Amy E. said...

Looks tasty! I can get whole wheat flour at my grocery store. It's just a bit more expensive!